A change in perspective... -

A change in perspective…

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It was a beautiful morning, a clear blue sky, crisp, with an amazing sunrise – the perfect autumnal day.

Whilst taking the dog for a walk around the village, I decided to carry my camera to see whether I would be able to capture any of the natural beauty that surrounds me. Whilst walking, looking for the perfect photograph, I realised that I was seeing things for the very first time, even though I have lived in the village for over 6 years!

How could that be?

Well the simple answer is that I was viewing the scenes from a new perspective. I was looking for different things – in this case, the ideal photograph, whereas normally, my head would be full of thoughts about what I need to do here, who I need to speak to etc. By stepping back and looking at things through a different lens ( quite literally this time ) I was able to see things differently.

Which made me think about how I can apply this into my daily life. How can I use this approach to become more productive, more creative, more successful?

So, a beautiful morning delivered more than just a few photographs, it has helped me realise that looking at things from a different perspective can open up so many new opportunities.

When have you experienced similar insights.

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