Isn't it amazing that things appear in your life just when you need them... -

Isn’t it amazing that things appear in your life just when you need them…

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Have you ever found that, things – people, books, videos, etc. appear in your life just at the point when you need them?

It may be that they are always there and because your mind is focused upon a specific issue, you now notice them for the first time. It may just be magic! ¬†Whatever it is, I’ve had a few experiences over the last week that have proved that when you are ready for something, you, the world around you, the people within your life, will be ready to deliver it to you.

Wow, that’s a bit deep for this time in the morning, don’t you think!

Three items that have appeared just at the right time for me in the past week, are worth sharing I think, because you may be feeling like I was in terms of the progress that I’d been making in some of my goals. Although one of my strengths is focus, one of my weaknesses (or strengths overdone, as someone highlighted many years ago) is my lack of patience, which results in frustrations when things don’t move as quickly as I’d hoped for.

The first thing to share is a Blog Post from James Clear, someone that I’ve only recently started to follow. In this post, James talks about having the patience to see a project through and uses the metaphor of a recipe to prove the point – great post – well worth looking at.

Another blogpost that I received in my inbox was entitled – Lost Focus! and again reiterated the need to keep on keeping on.

The final item to fall in my lap was a video which again tapped me on the shoulder (or rather slapped me across the face) highlighting that my impatience was sabotaging longer term success.

The lesson that I have taken from this is that if I passionately believe in something, retain the focus and keep on keeping on, don’t let frustrations take over and don’t ever give up or lose momentum.

Please share the resources that you have found most useful in recent weeks.

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