Learning from successful people -

Learning from successful people

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I read a very interesting post on the Addicted2Success blog yesterday entitled 8 reasons why Seth Macfarlane is so successful.

The post was interesting not because I like Seth, to be honest I hadn’t heard of him before reading the article but more because of the core reasons he has been successful and the fact that these reasons are so transferable to us all.

I’d encourage you to take a look at the post, but if you’re in a rush, here are the 8 reasons given;

1. He mastered the basics

2. He is focused and ambitious

3. He is a talented singer & musician

4. He can act

5. He is willing to help others

6. He knows that eventually, hard work pays off

7. He is creative

8. He was persistent in pursuing his dreams

See what I mean, all eight are transferable. By the way, I’m not saying it is essential that you can sing or act to be successful. Seth has followed his passion, if we all follow our own passions, then success is inevitable.

I have really only recently identified my passion – remember when I realised that I was a closet creative, but since this realisation, I have been liberated and completely changed my outlook.

I think that I’m strong in maybe 4 out of the 8, and getting better in the other 4. How do you rate yourself?

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