What makes a great entrepreneur? -

What makes a great entrepreneur?

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So what makes a great entrepreneur?

What makes the difference between a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and the average man in the street? Is it money or privilege? Is it connections or knowledge? Is it nature or nurture?

This is a fascinating subject area I think and one that I get asked many times during my work with business people. How can a select few have amazing success whilst the majority struggle on a daily basis. There is no one simple answer to this question, especially in business when external factors can play a part.

However, even though we may not be able to control these external factors, we can control how we prepare and respond to them.

I believe that great entrepreneurs come from within. Each make a conscious decision to define a clear objective/ goal and then commit to take whatever actions are required to deliver these goals. They have many failures along the way but get back up, dust themselves off and reiterate their desire to achieve their goal. They keep on keeping on, taking action, reviewing outcomes, amending their approach but always focused upon their desired outcome.

So the question is ‘how much do you want your goals?’ And what are you prepared to do to realise them?

Get the answers to these two questions and be prepared to take repeated actions and you’ll achieve the outcomes that you wish for. So, what’s stopping you?

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