Benefits and Drawbacks of Acquisitions and Mergers -

Benefits and Drawbacks of Acquisitions and Mergers

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In any recession, there are always amazing opportunities to grow your business through mergers and acquisitions. If this is on your agenda, then Melissa Nathans article outlining the potential benefits and drawbacks is a must read.


As with any business decision, you will find that there are several benefits and drawbacks to acquisitions and mergers. To truly access the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of acquisitions and mergers, it’s important to keep the proper steps in mind and take the necessary precautions. You will struggle with employee morale throughout the integration process, but you can’t let that hurt your newly created company.

Start by seeking out the help of a professional consultant for advice throughout the entire process. Your new consultant will be able to show the profitability possible with acquisitions and mergers and explain to you which will work best with your particular situation. Companies on the verge of bankruptcy find that allowing acquisition of their company is the only way to survive. Finding a strong, similar company with comparable goals and ideals is a great way to keep the branding alive, even when the name of the company is different.

Many companies approach acquisitions and mergers with different ideas in mind. Some entrepreneurs will acquire a company simply to fix it up or quickly grow and sell it immediately as a larger or more profitable company. This is a great way to make some quick money, but there are some drawbacks. These are the situations where you could lose your best employees due to doubt and mistrust. Without morale-boosting activities to keep the remaining workers happy, as well as fair compensation to those that have been found redundant, you could end up with an uprising on your hands. Nothing will lower the value of your new company more than disgruntled workers.

Acquisitions and mergers have grown to soaring heights, especially with the advent of some amazing technology. When everything was done by hand and in person, these business decisions took a great deal of time and dedication. With Internet, email, mobile phones, and face-to-face conference calls, what once took months can now just take days. (What is he trying to say with the preceding 3 sentences?) They don’t make sense to me.) Businesses are being created, merged, split, and acquired at the speed of light, and they can disappear just as quickly if things aren’t handled correctly. Without the help of a professional, you could find that your company goes the way of too many others, while stronger companies survive the acquisitions and mergers processes to become stronger. Plan carefully and account for all of the pros and cons before you make any altering decisions, and your company could also thrive.

Melissa Nathans is a consultant with Lyons Solutions, a top Chicago business broker and Connecticut business broker. Lyons Solutions is a mergers and acquisitions expert. For more information about mergers & acquisitions, check out where you can learn more about selling a company.

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