Keeping score to aid persistence -

Keeping score to aid persistence

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As some of you will know, in any ways the catalyst for this blog was me picking up a copy of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. It is a book that I go back to frequently and when going so last night, reading principles 21 and 22, I suddenly realised something that I’ve known to be the truth for a long time, but now I have the explanation!

Principle 21 talks about keeping score and the importance of that to maintain motivation. This is a principle that we use from a very early age yet tend to forget as we grow older. However, successful individuals never forget the benefits that can be delivered by keeping score.

Setting yourself a target (or goal) and then measuring how far you have progressed is an essential element of achieving your target. Each small gain helps you to keep motivated to take the next step, to keep on – principle 22 – persistence.

Although I didn’t appreciate it, this is what I do and have done with my cycling – make a big commitment and then establish a training plan that I can measure myself against – ultimately getting me to a point where my goal was achieved.

So how can I adopt this principle more? How can I establish a series of targets that I can measure (keep score) my progress against. More importantly, how can I ensure that I actually keep score once set – looking back, I can see many times when I’ve actually set targets but haven’t kept score – well what’s the point of that?

So, lets get serious – this week, I will establish a clear set of targets for;

1. My fitness and diet
2. Activity targets for the business to ensure that my long term target can e achieved
3. Sales targets for the sales volume of my mobile apps

More importantly, I’ll establish an approach to measure, record and score the results.

I’ll let you know how I get on in coming weeks.

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