Five rules for leadership -

Five rules for leadership

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Just came across this and thought that it was a simple and logical viewpoint, so thought I’d better share it with you…

There are countless opinions on how to be an effective leader, but it’s important to not forget the basics. Here are five rules for mastering the fundamentals of leadership:

1. Shape the future. Articulate where your company or division is going and be sure everyone around you understands the direction.

2. Make things happen. Once you know where you’re headed, focus on the how. Again, be sure all of your people know what it takes to execute.

3. Engage today’s talent. Make the most of your people; engage and inspire them to do their best.

4. Build tomorrow’s talent. Find and build the talent you need for future success.

5. Invest in yourself. You can never be a perfect leader; find ways to continually build your skills and become better.

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