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Communication, communication, communication

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Can you be successful without good communication skills?

That’s a question that I ask myself all the time. Why? Well, I suppose it’s because I don’t feel that my communication skills are a major strength personally and I therefore question whether they are holding me back.

The area that I struggle with the most is within my personal relationships and in my ability to discuss concerns/ issues with loved ones without it building up into a major argument. I know that in the past, I have avoided such conversations so that to avoid conflict. However the outcome of that approach wasn’t great – it almost caused a breakdown in the relationship completely!

So what should I do when I have concerns or issues that I think need to be discussed? How can I get a message across in a calm and considered way? What approach should I take?

These questions have been going through my head over the last 24 hours in particular and I do need to find a way to discuss these issues before they become a significant hurdle.

A contributing factor is the fact that we don’t get too much time alone or when we do,it’s the end of the day and we are both shattered. Creating space in our diaries to discuss and agree an approach is critical and one that we need to do.

Outside of personal relationship, I find that the best way to approach such things is to take them head on and confront the issue, discuss the concerns with the parties involved and gain resolution – the only way to achieve this is through effective communication so I suspect that I know the answer to my question.

Success is dependent upon effective communication, communication to yourself, as well as communication to others.

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