“How To Set Yourself Up For Business SUCCESS” -

“How To Set Yourself Up For Business SUCCESS”

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Are YOU subconsciously holding back the success of your Business?

The overwhelming reality is that you’re probably doing just that right now!

It’s a fact that most small business owners never achieve the kind of growth that they expect.

Have you?

Why do you think that’s the case?

Well it’s not because you’re all operating in markets that can’t accommodate such growth.

Neither is it, that your products/ services are not that good!

In many cases, your products/ services are far better than those of highly successful competitors!

Business Growth Is Limited By The Attitude Of ………….!

In small businesses, success is much more determined by YOUR attitude, the owner, than anything else.

Your ability to keep on keeping on. Your drive to succeed. And Your unshaking belief in what you are doing – these are the ultimate deciding factors.

So I’ll ask the question again:

Are YOU subconsciously holding back the success of your business?

Are you living the life that you desired?

Or are you busier now than you’ve ever been, yet not achieving what you want!

Are your relationships suffering because you’re always working? Do your children forget who you are because they see so little of you?

Did you start out in business because you wanted freedom, but somehow you feel like you’re in a straightjacket right now?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

It is a fact that most small business owners are living the life of ‘quiet desperation’ that is compounded by the fact that most don’t believe that they have an option to change – they think of themselves “no longer employable!”

Have you ever thought this? Are you thinking like that right now?!

5 Ways That Small Business Owners Like You Hold Back The Success Of Their Business

  1. Lack of clarity – do you have a clear picture of not only ‘what’ you want to achieve but also ‘why’ you want to achieve this? This lack of clarity means that you don’t have a clear basis on which to make decisions. As a result, you probably start lots of new activities hoping that one day you’ll find the ‘golden goose’ that will deliver the riches that you deserve. Sound familiar? Even a little bit? – be honest now!
  1. Lack of belief – do you deserve the success that you are craving? Of course you do, right! But step back and really ask yourself if you really believe that you deserve this success. It’s common that most people doubt their own abilities, they question whether they deserve to be where they are right now, they believe that they will be ‘caught out’ soon and people ‘will see through them’. Do you ever think like this? I know I have and do frequently. However, every time you think like this, it will chip away at your beliefs and ultimately stop you from taking action when opportunity presents itself.
  1. Lack of control – how do you feel right now? Are you feeling that you don’t have enough hours in the day or days in the week to get everything done?  What’s the impact of feeling like this? On your family? On your relationships with your children?  Do you ever feel disillusioned? A feeling of “why bother”.  When you can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’, you’re feeling out of control and as a small business owner this feels really uncomfortable, doesn’t it?
  1. Lack of action – Nothing happens unless you take action. Simple but oh so true. Yet do you ever find yourself ‘putting things off’?  It might be making those sales calls, or perhaps having that conversation with one of your under-performing team members.  What’s the impact of not taking action? Not on your business, but for a minute, let’s just consider the impact on you!  By delaying those sales calls, what will be the impact on your wealth, on your relationships, on your stress levels etc.  You don’t need to be a genius to work out the answer but why do you fail to take action each and every day? Only you know the real answer to that question.
  1. Lack of persistence – how many times have you tried something and failed?  How many times have you then immediately given up? You’re immediate response to this will probably be ‘never – I always persevere’.  However, how many times will you ‘pick yourself up and go again?’ With the same level of commitment and confidence that you had when you started!


Do you see how important these 5 areas are to the success of your business? Can you see how the way that you feel about these areas is having an impact on your business and ultimately your life right now?

 Success Means Different Things To Different People

 Although, I’ve titled this post “How to set yourself up for Business Success”, I fully accept that success means different things to different people. My definition of success may well be completely opposite to yours.

BUT, that’s absolutely fine.

The important thing is, that however you define success, you have a clarity around what you need to do to achieve it

Success isn’t a Thing that will Happen To YOU

I’m sure that you’ve read lots of stories about people that have achieved ‘overnight success’ but the common thing missing in all of these stories is the back story about the time, commitment and failures that these so called ‘overnight success stories’ had on the way.

So, the question should be ‘what do you need to so that you can achieve the success that you desire’

What do you need to do so that you can secure your family’s future?

What do you need to do so that you can have the freedom to spend time with your children as they grow up?

However, it’s one thing to identify what you need to do, it’s something completely different to actually do something about it.

The fact that you’re still here reading this post means that you’re ready to find a solution. But, I’m sure you’re starting to think about what I’m trying to sell you and worry about the amount of time that all of this will take to put right – time that you just haven’t got, right!

I know exactly how you feel.

I felt exactly the same myself. I’d got completely caught up in building a so called ‘successful business’ that I didn’t see the impact that it was having on my relationship with my wife, children, family and friends. I was putting everything into ‘achieving my dream’ and suddenly it hit me that I was a million miles away from doing so.

However, I was on a treadmill and just couldn’t see a way to get off.

I ended up in hospital, with wires and tubes connected to me all over. During the next 8 days, I had plenty of time to think things through and I realized I had to change.

I realized that what I had been doing was never going to enable me to achieve my dream.

A Failure to Plan is a Plan of Failure…

I’m sure that you have heard the old adage – a failure to plan is a plan for failure – before, but it’s so true and I found in that moment that it is the real difference between a life full of joy and contentment and one of desperate survival.

Although many people accept the concept, they don’t take action and set a plan for their life.

Have you?

Do you know what you want from life?

Do you really?

More importantly, do you know what you need to do to realise this dream?

Many people simply don’t and live their life on the edge, managing daily challenges before moving on to the next.

No wonder they feel stressed!

That’s why I’ve created an Advanced Training for you and I want you to have it for Free.

You can get immediate access here, but here’s a “big picture” look at what’s covered:

  • We start by exploring you! – What are your priorities across the seven core areas of life? How can we ensure that we align your dreams to your core values?  We identify your core needs before bringing it all together to define exactly what ‘Success’ means for you
  • Next, we explore your dreams! – What do you want to achieve in life? What are you Passionate about? What gets you up in the morning feeling alive?
  • Next, you get to create your Ideal Life,by prioritising your dreams and creating absolute focus on what matters most, removing all distractions so that you create space to deliver your dream life.
  • Next, you build a set of extremely powerful goals. However, this isn’t just a paper exercise. You get to consider and understand all of the key milestones that you need to achieve to achieve each and every one of these goals.
  • Finally, you will organise yourself for success by creating a detailed action plan that will take you step by step towards your Dream Life

The training itself is delivered via three videos that I’ll send to you over the next three days. Each is around 20/30 minutes long and focused on guiding you to implement the approach into your life right now.

Here’s How To Get This, FREE.

First, go here and request it.

Just enter your name and tell me where to send everything and it’s yours.

Like I said, there’s no cost.

So if you’d like to ensure that you can guarantee your future Success and the Success of your Business, get this free training now.

Here’s a brief introduction to the videos



See you at the training



If your business success is determined by YOU and your future is determined by your business Success, isn’t it time that you invested in getting YOU to the point where your success is inevitable.

Check out this free training now.

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