What Have Tom, Dick & Harry Got In Common? -

What Have Tom, Dick & Harry Got In Common?

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And WHY as a Business Owner, You Should Care...

“I’ll never let that happen to me again” Thomas promised himself after being laid off by the big corporate he had invested 20 years with. The following week, he was in business himself – “in control of my own destiny” he was often heard saying.

Richard was born to be in business. His father ran a successful retail business, his grandfather a national brokerage. He just had to go into business – “it’s all I know” Richard truly believed.

Harrison fell into business to some extent by accident. He knew his trade really well and when the company that he was with fell into difficulties, he was confident that he could do better than the “old fella”

Maybe you went into business in similar circumstances to Tom, Dick and Harry, as they’re known to their friends.

So, think back – Why did you start your business?

Was it part of your big life plan (like Richard), or did you feel you had no option, (a little like Tom). There are many reasons that people like you and me start up a business or indeed take on an existing one – too many to list here now, anyway!

So what have Tom, Dick and Harry got in common?

75% of all businesses fail within the first 3 years!

 Well, within 18 months of starting their business, each one of them was forced to shut up shop – their businesses had failed, just like 75% of all start up’s.

But this isn’t the only thing that they have in common!

What else do you think Tom, Dick and Harry share?

This is a big one, because it is in fact the #1 reason for their businesses failing!

Was it market conditions? After all, the economy hasn’t been great in recent years, has it? No, although we’ve all seen better economic conditions, other businesses in the same sectors have flourished.

Was it a lack of investment?  Again, No, there is certainly no lack of funds available for growth businesses.

Was it a down to not finding the right people to join the team? No, for the right companies, talent will always be available.

So, what did sabotage their success? 

SophieAround the same time that Tom, Dick and Harry set up their businesses, Sophie had a great idea that she just had to tell the world about. All of her friends and family told her “nobody would take her seriously” and “to stop dreaming and get a proper job”

However, Sophie didn’t listen and three years later, she has a thriving business, significant investment, and is able to attract the very best talent in her market.

Why has Sophie achieved so much, whilst Tom, Dick and Harry failed?

What can you learn from Sophie to ensure that you don't become just another statistic like Tom, Dick and Harry?

Hi, I’m Tony Lockwood and for the last 25 years, I’ve been fascinated by what makes people successful, and more importantly how this translates into business success.Are you subconsciously holding back the SUCCESS of your business?

And what I’ve found is that business success is often determined by one thing and one thing only!

I suspect that the answer to this question is Yes, You Are!

In the vast majority of cases, small businesses are being held back by their owners.

That was certainly the case with Tom, Dick and Harry. How about You?

Is yours?

Be honest now!

You’re not doing it consciously. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you this to get your back up. I’m telling you this because you’re probably blissfully unaware of the limitations that you’re placing on the potential success of your business.

For this reason, I’d encourage you to invest a little of your time over the next three days to watch the 3 videos that I want to send to you.

The 6 Success Principles that we’ll cover in these three videos will provide you with the foundations on which to build massive personal and business success. So, more like Sophie and less like Tom, Dick and Harry!

Are you up for it?

Are you ready to take off the shackles and allow your business to thrive?

So, if you are a Business Owner.

A Business Owner who’s going places!

A Business Owner with drive, guts and ambition!

You’re going to love what I have for you….

Don't take the risk of becoming another Tom, Dick or Harry...

Get immediate access to my FREE 3 video masterclass – drop in your details and I’ll send you the links

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Here's a sneak preview of what we'll cover...

How to Give Yourself The Winning Edge – We’ll talk though how you can utilise your fears and transform them into Clear, Focused and Positive Action.

How to Unlock a Powerful Level of Inner Strength – and smash through self imposed barriers that have been sabotaging you and your business success

How to Balance Your Mind and Change the Negative Thoughts that have been holding you back and restricting your growth

How to Get Yourself into a Confident and Successful State – remember, to be successful, you have to feel successful and then actions will follow!

Remember, Success Leaves Clues...

Whilst putting together Personal Success Mastery, I consulted with hundreds of high performing people, in business, sport and other areas of life. Five core characteristics were common in all;

  1. They are all Powered by a Big Why
  2. They all have Big Goals and Big Models
  3. They think Possibilities
  4. They all Take Action
  5. They all operate Without Fear

The videos that you’ll receive over the next 3 days will cover these 5 areas in more detail along with the final missing ingredient.

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