Why it's not good enough to 'Live and Learn'... -

Why it’s not good enough to ‘Live and Learn’…

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If you’re committed to achieving BIG, (and I’m assuming you are or you wouldn’t be interested in this post!), you must also be committed to living a life of learning.

It’s simply is no longer good enough to ‘Live and Learn’. You have to ‘Live TO Learn’!

It's not enough to 'Live and Learn'. You have to 'Live TO Learn' to achieve BIG Click To Tweet

Learning is both empowering and energising. Gaining new knowledge and new skills drive you towards fulfilling your ambitions and goals.

Learning allows you to do more with the energy that you have, and is the foundation of proactivity.  How many times have you procrastinated on some important activity just because you weren’t 100% sure of what to do, but then when you went out and found how to do it, it seems so easy?

That’s the power of learning!

Learning is about leverage and provides three important advantages;

  1. Wisdom –  knowing what to do
  2. Competence – knowing how to do it
  3. Foresight – knowing when to do it

Every successful person that I’ve come into contact with have committed to life long learning – it is no coincidence that these people can often be found reading books, listening to audio books/ podcasts, watching videos and attending seminars. In fact, many spend as much as 10/15% of their work time pursuing learning.

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When did you stop learning?

This is a serious question and one that when you stop and look back, you’ll probably be surprised at the answer – many of us reach a certain point in life, where we may be comfortable and sit back and stop exploring new things. In effect, we stop developing.

The impact of this can be devastating.

Once you accept the challenge of lifelong self improvement and the path to mastery, you will be humbled by how much you don’t really know!

Lifelong learning is perhaps one of the most energising and uplifting aspects of the path to Big Goal achievement and will hopefully become a big part of your purpose in life.

Remember, don’t ‘Live to Learn, start ‘Living TO Learn’.

You can start right now with my 6 Success Principles class (it’s FREE)  – this will provide you with the foundations on which to build your future success.


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