5 Tips That Will Help You To Keep To Your Resolutions... -

5 Tips That Will Help You To Keep To Your Resolutions…

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We’re fast approaching the end of January and statistics show that the vast majority of people have broken their New Year resolutions!

So what next?  Wait to next year?

I think not!

If you’ve already fallen off the resolution horse, you don’t have to wait to 2017 to get back on. Follow these 5 tips and try again NOW!

  1. Make Fewer Resolutions – it’s far better to succeed in one or two goals than fail in 20!
  2. Don’t Make Snap Resolutions – these are meant to be permanent life aims, not the first things that pop into your head.
  3. Be Realistic – if you haven’t seen the inside of a gym for a decade, aiming for 5 visits a week is unlikely to be sustainable, is it?
  4. Embrace Failure – if you’ve broken a resolution, consider it a tiny setback – get back up and get back on that horse again!
  5. Tell Everyone – the shame of failing in front of friends and family is significant motivation for most – find someone who you can share your goals with.

So, don’t go off moping in the corner – get back on the horse and achieve your goals in the rest of 2016!

Parts of this article were originally published in Coachmag.co.uk

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