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The Importance Of Defining Your Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth is about more than just getting bigger. There are many ways for a person to determine how they want their business to grow. The question is are you considering them all? Business growth is often assumed simply to be increasing annual sales and the size of your business. But it is [Read More]

What Have Tom, Dick & Harry Got In Common?

And WHY as a Business Owner, You Should Care… “I’ll never let that happen to me again” Thomas promised himself after being laid off by the big corporate he had invested 20 years with. The following week, he was in business himself – “in control of my own destiny” he was often [Read More]

How important is a brand to your Business?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does “branding” mean? How does it affect a small business like yours? Simply put, your [Read More]

Inspiration from others…

I’m a big believer that “Success Leaves Clues” and we can all gain massive inspiration from others. I came across this compilation of videos and found it really interesting.  I hope that you do to! Share your thoughts and make a commitment to do something different right [Read More]

“How To Set Yourself Up For Business SUCCESS”

Are YOU subconsciously holding back the success of your Business? The overwhelming reality is that you’re probably doing just that right now! It’s a fact that most small business owners never achieve the kind of growth that they expect. Have you? Why do you think that’s the case? Well it’s [Read More]

30 CEOs Reveal the Daily Habits Responsible for Their Success

Look at any CEO running a profitable company and you’ll find someone who has figured a few things out. One trait many of these leaders have in common: consistency. Check out these quotes from 30 successful CEOs regarding the daily habits that help them get ahead in business and life. 1. Try one [Read More]

Reaching Your High Performance Cycle

Every organization desires to be the best amongst their peers but they simply have not been able to attain this because the high-performance cycle has not been attained. The centerpiece of this cycle is you the leader, manager, or entrepreneur. Your ability to lead determines whether your team [Read More]

The 5 O’Clock Club – Have You Got What It Takes?

It must have been the winter of 2008. It was a cold one and my wife and I decided to break up the winter and head to Fiji for a week. So we packed up our 7 month old daughter and off we went. My outstanding memories from Fiji were a cockerel who crowed every morning at 5am (grrrr!!!), the amazing [Read More]

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Costs Down

Running a business is hard work, but it can be even more difficult to achieve sustainability in a down economy when people will do almost anything to save money. Not only does this make things difficult for businesses to stay afloat, but it may be costing your company money! The following are a few [Read More]
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