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5 Tips That Will Help You To Keep To Your Resolutions…

We’re fast approaching the end of January and statistics show that the vast majority of people have broken their New Year resolutions! So what next?  Wait to next year? I think not! If you’ve already fallen off the resolution horse, you don’t have to wait to 2017 to get back on. [Read More]

5 Tips to Overcome Your Resistance to Change

Change is hard! Whether it is an organizational change that needs to occur in your work, a change in your personal or family life or a change in your behavior to achieve a healthier you – you may face resistance. Resistance is defined as “anything that slows or stops movement or keeps [Read More]

7 Tips That Will Make A Difference To Your Life

I’m always on the look out for other people’s view on what makes people successful as well as tools and tips about what successful do. I’m also on the look out for people who are writing about success and one such person is Amie Erickson.  This post looks at a recent article [Read More]

Why it’s not good enough to ‘Live and Learn’…

If you’re committed to achieving BIG, (and I’m assuming you are or you wouldn’t be interested in this post!), you must also be committed to living a life of learning. It’s simply is no longer good enough to ‘Live and Learn’. You have to ‘Live TO [Read More]

10 steps to Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. Some people believe in a bright future. They think positively and life leads to fulfilment. They are smiling and cheerful. It seems that they have everything they want. Some people perceive the worst possible outcome, so if it does happen, it happened, and they [Read More]

An Inch at a Time… [video]

One of my all time favourite speeches in a film was delivered passionately by Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. Although it was a speech targeted to a football team, the message is equally applicable to all of us, whether we desire to be elite athletes, successful in business or in our career or [Read More]

52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity

I’m constantly on the look out for interesting articles and list and recently came across these 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity, written by Leo Babauta Try rising early. It’s not for everyone, I’ll admit. It may not be for you. But I’ve found it to be an amazing change in my [Read More]

The Power of BELIEF… [video]

I was at a conference last week and this video was being played on a loop at the start and end of each session. I found it so powerful and I hope that you do to. This video was produced by Evan [Read More]

7 ACTIONS For Overcoming Your Fears

Each of us either have, experience or feel fear either in certain situations, or under some scenarios or conditions. Having a fear (or fears) has nothing to do with one’s overall courage, ability or chances to succeed, but rather it is how we proceed to overcome these, and transform them into [Read More]

12 Things Happy People Do…

Are you happy? How do you know whether you’re happy or not? These questions are asked frequently and have been the subject of lots of political debate in the UK over the last few years! Which started me thinking – what do Happy People do differently? This list of 12 things happy people [Read More]
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