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The 6 pillars of self esteem

Nathaniel Branden has posted a great animation video highlighting the 6 pillars of self esteem – check it out and let me know what you think….     Inspired? Great – so take action right away and sign up for my free video based Success training [Read More]

The Power of the Mind

Your Mind is such a powerful muscle. It controls everything that you do and in some cases stops you from doing the things that you may want to do but are just too afraid of doing! Take a look at this video to see how you can take control of your mind and achieve amazing [Read More]

Inspiration from others…

I’m a big believer that “Success Leaves Clues” and we can all gain massive inspiration from others. I came across this compilation of videos and found it really interesting.  I hope that you do to! Share your thoughts and make a commitment to do something different right [Read More]

An Inch at a Time… [video]

One of my all time favourite speeches in a film was delivered passionately by Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. Although it was a speech targeted to a football team, the message is equally applicable to all of us, whether we desire to be elite athletes, successful in business or in our career or [Read More]

The Power of BELIEF… [video]

I was at a conference last week and this video was being played on a loop at the start and end of each session. I found it so powerful and I hope that you do to. This video was produced by Evan [Read More]

5 Ways Successful People think differently

Subscribe for weekly videos on Youtube What determines if you are successful or not? In my opinion It is all in how you think and approach situations. Are you one to actively go all in or do you wade in the water, testing it first? After studying successful people for over 20 years, I have [Read More]

How to avoid Procrastination

Subscribe for weekly videos on Youtube   Procrastinating, we all do it. Whether you have a looming deadline or presentation to prepare, chances are you will have done all of the washing up, tidied your desk space (twice) and stared out of the window for a solid 12 minutes before having even [Read More]

Are you an Opportunity Maker?

Another great TED talk here that I’d strongly recommend that you take the time to watch. To many people, shyness or nervousness prevents them from taking action and drive forward when opportunity present itself. Kare Anderson has an interesting story to [Read More]

Overcoming Failure

Subscribe for weekly videos on Youtube When was the last time you failed? What was the impact? What has that failure stopped you from doing ever since? The fear of failure prevents many people from achieving massive success. This video takes a quick look at what you can do to overcome failure and [Read More]

10 Things All Successful People Do!

Subscribe for weekly videos on Youtube There have been many lists produced over the years highlighting what it takes to be successful. The list that I will go through in this video has worked for me… So let’s get into it…How You Think is Everything.  Always be positive. Think Success, not [Read More]
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